Web Interface For SMS Device Control & Data Collection.

Instantly apply your solutions.  Use our web interface to control any pay as you go text enabled SIM device, anywhere a cellular connection can be established.

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SMS. it's not "JUST" for cell phones anymore. Transform your sms device into a control and data acquisition solution. Control anything, anywhere. Avoid costly call-outs and create unlimited solutions for remote control, data accusation or notification. The SynapControl interface is simple, reliable, effective and requires no additional hardware to use; start creating solutions immediately.  With all of the data & control information in one place, It frees you to innovate, supervise, & delegate responsibility.  Create a new solution today and resell your own solutions with the SynapControl interface.

Screenshot of User Interface:

SynapControl Advantages

If you're interested in trying the Demo or subscribing to an interface, complete the Register form linked at the top right of this page, then go to the Demo or Getting Started page.

Note: Connecting to devices outside of the US or Canada may require some manual setup and could have a slightly different per transmit and receive price above the 0.10c USD. Email Admin At Symbol:@ dotnetsynap.com with the country you need to send SMS messages to, or any question you may have.  We will get back to you with the cost or an answer.